My name is Paige Bowers, and I am a 20-year-old artist from central Pennsylvania.
That's a picture of me. ------------>
My birthday is July 4th.
I have four cats and a small dog.
I took art classes in high school but I'm mostly self-taught.
I dropped out of high school, by the way.
I finished four semesters at Mount Aloysius College, but never got a degree.
I'm attending Cleveland State University in fall of 2017, majoring in Film, Television, and Interactive Media.

That's my setup.
No, I don't have a desk.
I have a laptop and a sketchpad and a bunch of markers, and I work in bed.
Even if I had a desk, I probably wouldn't use it.

Here's some more photos. On the left are my tools of choice for the portraits I make. On the right is a selfie I took at Sci-Fi Valley Con in Altoona, PA while working with The Gearbox Union.